Christian Booksellers Association UNITE 2018 RECAP

Here we are a week later after UNITE 2018 at Gaylord Opryland, and my head is still spinning with excitement of the upcoming release of my first book, "When Drag Racing met Country Music". 

Interviews with Faith Radio, Christian Broadcasting Network, Inspiration Broadcasting and World Christian Broadcasting reminded me of the main reason for writing my book. Rehashing moments of memories through the interview process made my purpose very real.

Even though I am a strong woman of faith, when Harry passed away from Prostate Cancer, I was surprised of my initial reaction. The wave of emotions and pain came over me. Doubt, fear, confusion, intense pain, guilt and regret managed to push their way into my grieving world. I battled them left and right...with God's help. I had to lean intently into Him with prayer, tears, and trust. I wondered how the "DEVOUT" Christians handled their grief. I discovered I was not alone. 

My prayer is that my book will touch a heart dealing with loss at whatever point they are in their grieving process. God sees our hearts and He knows us. This is His book.