“Terri was a delight for our audiences with a great smile and vocal ability. Her descriptive writing paints such a beautiful picture of two separate lives. Jean and I feel we have a rather clear picture of the upbringing and early influences in her life. The picture at the water fountain is a moment that allows the reader to reflect on their own first moments. Terri and Harry’s life as a couple, and subsequently a family of four, causes one to look back and see if their own was as perfect and productive. Even in the pain and suffering of a terrible cancer season, there is a since of joy and gratitude for the love and good times shared. Faith and love for our Heavenly Father is so evident throughout the pages, encouraging us to examine our hearts to see if our walk is deserving of His love. Thank you, Terri, for putting to paper words of love, sharing, commitment and faith.”

BOB WHITTAKER ~ Former President and General Manager of the Grand Ole Opry and Grand Ole Opry Group

Nashville, Tennessee

JEAN WHITTAKER ~ Former Choreographer/Staging and Co-Director of Opryland USA

Nashville, Tennessee


“Early in my tenure as Head of School at Prestonwood Christian Academy, I had the honor of meeting Harry and Terri Schmidt and their two beautiful daughters, Hillary and Hailey. What a blessing it has been to “do life” with this wonderful family. This book brought back so many great memories that people naturally share during life’s pilgrimage. The highs, the lows, the fun times, and the seasons of great trials—all parts of the experiences we shared with the Schmidt family. And, at the center of it all was a special friend named Harry—a legend in the car drag racing industry. Indeed, Harry was an icon in his sport, but he was even a greater man, husband, father, and friend. Harry’s smile was contagious, and his faith a lighthouse—I am so grateful for Terri telling the great stories of their journey.”

DR. LARRY TAYLOR ~ Head of School, Prestonwood Christian Academy

Plano, Texas


“Terri’s book quickly brought back memories of my first book, written about my Dad and the relationship I had with him as a youngster growing up. Like Terri, a day doesn’t go by that I am not reminded of those who have passed... my Dad, my Uncle, and my Grandfather all lost their lives to prostate cancer. My sister passed at the young age of 38 from Breast cancer. I was sparred. Today I am proud to call myself a Cancer Survivor. Yet, I also know I will be ready when it’s my time to join my family in the Heavenly house of our Lord rejoining the members of my family that I so dearly miss every single day.”

SCOTT MURRAY ~ Chairman/CEO Murray Media, Radio Host of ‘The Scott Murray Show’ and ‘Scott and the Doc’ on 570 KLIF, Former NBC Television Sports Anchor

Dallas, Texas 


 “A love story steeped in personal challenges, trials, and commitment to Christ is revealed in Terri’s wonderfully inspirational book. Two independent lives and unrelated careers become entwined, yet each soon discovers they were designed to be together from the beginning by our Lord. I can feel the pain as Terri writes of winning and then tragically losing her dream mate, yet her Christian commitment shines brightly as she turns the tears to diamonds through her love of Jesus. Aided by the support of her daughters, family and friends, I sense that this story is far from complete. Terri urges those who have similar trials to focus on Jesus and to lean on Him, the only real solution to surviving tragedy and loss. I was moved and inspired reading “the rest of the story” that I didn’t know from my work with Terri at Opryland. She is truly a beauty inside and out, a super talent, and a faithful follower of her Lord and Savior.  I highly recommend this book for those who suffered loss of a dear one.”

DR. JOE JERLES ~ Senior Director of Shows Opryland USA

 Nashville, Tennessee


“This book is far more than a beautiful love story. I would highly recommend Terri Schmidt’s book for anyone who is grieving a loss, whether you are at the beginning of this journey or several years into it. Her words are a great tool and solace giving encouragement and hope.”

PHYLLIS WOODWARD ~ Director of Development Amazon Outreach Ministries Dallas, Texas